Thinkers Makers Dreamers, MA Sustainable Design Graduates Exhibition and Talks

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

18   —    21, 23   —    26 Sep 2021

Multi-Disciplinary Design, Other

Cedar Way Industrial Estate, N1C 4PD

Unit 29, Cedar Way,

Camley Street, Camden,



Kingston School of Art present a multidisciplinary exhibition showcasing 30 Thinkers, Dreamers, and Makers as they present their designs for a better future. Follow Instagram @ma_sd_ksa Look out for collaborations throughout the week including talks with Cooper Collective and Nirvana Creative Production House.

Explore innovative sustainability projects across Food & Agriculture, Participatory Design, Awareness, Retail and Behaviour Change. From innovative ways to invent the toys of the future to wayfinding, and connecting communities to local food sources, the show will present cutting-edge ideas, that evoke a sustainable world. Talk: Cooper Collective on Being More Octopus Be More Octopus is their philosophy and approach that they hope will act as inspiration for people to seek out sustainable materials and production methods in creative thinking. Talk: Nirvana Creative Production on Un-Sustainable: Why the Future of Design is Circular The talk explores how designers of all disciplines – from graphics and textiles to systems and supply chains – can collaborate to shape innovative circular economies that benefit people and planet alike. Talk: Paul Micklethwaite on Beyond Recycling Following the publication of his book, Beyond Recycling. Paul explores unasked questions around recycling and its prominent position in contemporary thinking about sustainability. Workshop: Y.A.N.G - You Are Next Generation Bring along your old clothes, and learn how to give them a second life by getting creative and having fun.