17 – 25 September 2022

London Design Festival

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PGxRCA: Precious Waste, Single Use Plastics Re-born

By PriestmanGoode


18 Sep / OPEN 24H

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PGxRCA: Precious Waste showcases the innovative work of 11 students from the Royal College of Art who were briefed by the PriestmanGoode team to use single-use plastic waste to create new materials. The work is a collection of beautiful handcrafted solutions that give insight into using waste as a creative resource.

In 2020, the global pandemic led to many changes in the way we live, work, consume and interact with daily objects. Vast numbers of items are now wrapped in plastic for hygiene and safety reasons or simply for an enhanced perception of cleanliness. But as a society, we must continue to work towards a more sustainable world. And as designers, we have a responsibility to develop solutions to reduce our waste and increase our positive impact. The students whose work was selected for this exhibition showed great enthusiasm and creative thinking in their varied approaches. From the transformation of polystyrene into new surfaces to the use of fruit nets as a woven material, the students provided beautiful, innovative and widely different solutions to one of today's greatest challenges. Meanwhile, TURF, a campaign to re-establish the lost connection between the production and consumption of food, will feature in a special window display at PG’s showroom. The pandemic brought to light the need to rethink our food networks and decrease our reliance on global supply chains. TURF was created to provide a helpful resource that would enable people to start growing their own, whether they have a windowsill, an allotment or a garden.