Partner Programme

24   —    26 Sep 2021

Multi-Disciplinary Design

Contained at North Acton Road

37-39 North Acton Road


NW10 6PF

An expansive ex-book-binding works now houses Contained at North Acton Road where residents call well-travelled shipping containers their professional homes in a one-of-a-kind London community.

Externally unassuming, the overwhelming impression of space is evident on entry - with legacy industrial corrugated roofing and post-war windows, the building’s rough and ready persona leaves a lasting impression. The building front facade exhibits Gilbert Wedam’s ‘Indicative Only’ series, a voyeuristic look into imagined lives of future inhabitants of local developments. Inside, the environment is easily mistaken for a museum at first glance, due to the vast array of mid-century furniture throughout the shared spaces, collated by an experienced resident collector. The network of repurposed shipping containers emit soft light from the open glass fronted designs, with original container doors opening like wings on either side. The containers have become a centre of production, for London’s growing film and music scene, and sculpture. Creativity is hardly Contained at North Acton Road.