18 – 26 September 2021

London Design Festival

Multi-Disciplinary Design

KSA Show 2021

By Kingston School of Art, Kingston University


23 Sep / OPEN 24H



No ticket required

Kingston School of Art is pleased to present its KSA Show 2021, showcasing the work of our Postgraduate students. Please join us to celebrate the achievements of this year's talented crop of KSA students. Also please check our website for KSA events held during LDF.

This year's show website has been developed by designers, web developers and recent graduates to provide a custom-built digital platform that will showcase and celebrate the breadth of work, thinking and innovation from across KSA. The show reflects the faculty's art school ethos and its legacy. Visitors can visually and aurally explore the range of creative talent on display through a striking colour-wheel and soundtrack concept. Please check the website for KSA events held during LDF. Mandy Ure, Dean of KSA said she was incredibly proud of the resilience and efforts of the graduating students. "Over the course of the last year ideas and perceptions have been shaped by the impact of societal and environmental change. Students have had to continue to adapt and find new ways of collaborating and communicating," She said. "The work you will see at the KSA end of year show responds to these times in inspiring ways. As a community, we are proud of our graduating students' generosity, imagination and creativity. They are problem-solvers, storytellers and innovators with the skills and ambition to thrive, affect change and shape the world."

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