18 – 26 September 2021

London Design Festival

Architecture / Landscape
Interior Design / Furniture Design

Festival Commission

Designposts: Jonah Luswata | Brompton Design District

By American Hardwood Export Council


18 Sep / OPEN 24H

19 Sep / OPEN 24H

20 Sep / OPEN 24H

21 Sep / OPEN 24H

22 Sep / OPEN 24H

23 Sep / OPEN 24H

24 Sep / OPEN 24H

25 Sep / OPEN 24H

26 Sep / OPEN 24H


This was an LDF21 event.

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Jonah Luswata’s Designpost celebrates Brompton's contemporary design culture.

Jonah’s Designpost is part of a wider collaboration between LDF, the American Hardwood Export Council, and three leading British furniture makers Benchmark, Sebastian Cox and Jan Hendzel that pays tribute to London’s neighbourhoods and presents the potential of an underused and highly sustainable material – American red oak. Inspired by the moonlight towers that were used to illuminate the city in the late Victorian era – Jonah Luswata’s Designpost is informed by the district’s plethora of museums, and the socio-cultural history they represent, as well as it’s vibrant contemporary design culture. The structure’s twin piers provide a frame of solid red oak, creating light effusing chimneys that crest in flourishing finials. These are in turn affected as lanterns with a contrasting charred finish and playfully routed holes allowing a dappling light. The entire piece permeates and diffuses interstitial light when not illumined. The Designpost is located on Exhibition Road and is one of ten that can be found in locations across London; Islington, the Design Museum, Shoreditch, Southwark South, Waltham Forest, Clerkenwell, Greenwich, Park Royal and King’s Cross. Made by Sebastian Cox


Brompton Design District

Exhibition Road