18 – 26 September 2021

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Designposts: Jason Brooker | Design District at Greenwich Peninsula

By American Hardwood Export Council


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Jason Brooker’s Designpost pays tribute to the past, present and future of Greenwich Peninsula.

Jason’s Designpost is part of a wider collaboration between LDF, the American Hardwood Export Council, and three leading British furniture makers Benchmark, Sebastian Cox and Jan Hendzel that pays tribute to London’s neighborhoods and presents the potential of an underused and highly sustainable material – American red oak. Jason Brooker’s Designpost pushes the possibilities of red oak as a material. The design encompasses a set of two curving, sail-like structures, referencing the diverse techniques and methods used by the new creative community of Design District, and by extension the myriad design cultures who have influenced the area’s history. The ‘sails’ of each are laminated strips of red oak, shaped over a variety of formers, to give a billowing effect. The two masts are made from solid red oak, spindle moulded to give the cylindrical profile. The 16mm hemp rope is made by a traditional ropemaker and holds the piece under tension. The Designpost is located in the Design District of Greenwich and is one of ten that can be found in locations across London; King’s Cross, Islington, Shoreditch, Southwark South, Brompton, Waltham Forest, the Design Museum, Park Royal and Clerkenwell. Made by Benchmark Furniture


Design District at Greenwich Peninsula

13 Soames Walk


SE10 0AX

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