Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

Strange Parade

123 Evelina Rd



A collaborative exhibition combining the independent works of designers Chelsea Vivash and Moe Redish. The organic shapes of Moe's blown glass, in contrast to the precise lines and forms of Chelsea's marquetry pieces come together, creating a balance of textures, shapes and tones.

Chelsea's work is a contemporary take on the traditional woodwork technique of marquetry, resulting in a range of one off artworks and products. Moe's work alters the glassblowing process to create a range of ever-changing vessels from burnt and charred moulds. With a background in fine art, Chelsea later returned to study furniture design and making. Since then her practice has developed from an appreciation for the shape, colour and texture of hand crafted objects, often exploring the boundaries of function and non-function. Her most recent work combines her making skills with her love of drawing. These handmade marquetry pieces are inspired by her own drawn studies as well as the research that feed into both her art and design practice. Moe's ongoing work using a whiskey tumbler mould has shown how the natural structure of oak degrades with the heat and pressure from the glassblowing process, leaving behind an imprinted and individual texture unique to each glass. For LDF21 Moe will be showcasing the latest editions of his scorched whiskey tumblers. Alongside these, new works on display explore the sculptural forms created when allowing molten glass to stick to the charred inside of a wooden mould.