Challenging Exhibition Waste: Exploring Regenerative Design

Talk / Panel

Partner Programme

22 Sep 2021

Industrial & Product Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design


C3, Design District

13 Soames Walk


SE10 0AX

Following the recycling of Liz West's installation by Smile Plastics, join designer Roz Barr, Smile Plastics' Emily Skinner and NOW Gallery curator Kaia Charles in conversation with Liz West to discuss how the art and design industries can collaborate to support regenerative design and the circular economy.

Greenwich Peninsula’s NOW Gallery and Design District are collaborating with innovative materials studio Smile Plastics to reimagine and reuse Liz West’s exhibition installation creating a new recycled plastic product. The project will explore how regenerative design can counter waste from displays and exhibitions. Smile Plastics has been tasked with transforming the colour delight of Liz West’s vinyl - based installation at Greenwich Peninsula into a bespoke plastic panel. Translucent blue and semi opaque grey sheets of PET plastic encapsulate shards of the captivating rainbow coloured vinyl. NOW Later design events invite creative practitioners and artists to document shifts, trends and developments in the design and art sectors. Each iteration focusses on a specific studio practise, interrogating wider social constructs and challenges impacting the creative industries.